I ruffled through my books in search of something important when I noticed the green diary lying there in the midst of my books. Let me just check what I wrote here, I thought to myself as I opened the diary. What I saw in it kept me glued for a long time that I had to keep the diary aside to continue my search and return to it later. I saw several goals I had written a few years ago. What was amazing is that I had achieved some of these goals and actively on the path to achieving the rest. This made me smile as I thought to myself, it’s a good thing I wrote this down. Do you underestimate the power of writing especially when it comes to setting goals? Do you just think about a goal in your head and hopefully wish it comes to pass? Then this post is for you. The essence of writing cannot be over-emphasized when it comes to goal setting and one way to get intentional with goal setting is to write it done in a book.

3 Reasons You Should Get Intentional with a Book

It gives you clarity

When you are thinking about a goal in your head, you might still be confused on how exactly to go about it, but when you write it down, you are able to organize your thoughts properly. Writing down your goals might just make you realise that they don’t follow the SMART criteria for goals, meaning that they are not Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic or Time-bound and every one of these is important for a goal that will be achieved.

It makes Easy to track your progress

How are you ever going to know the progress you’ve made with your goals if you didn’t write them down in the first place? With a book, it becomes easier to track your progress than just making guesses in your head. This is important because if you’re not tracking your progress, you might not be making progress at all and think you are which is dangerous or worse case, you might be comparing yourself with others when for a fact, you are making progress at a good pace. Still not convinced on the need to write down your goals? The last should definitely convince you.

It shows how meaningful the goal is to you

If a goal is meaningful to you and it is something you are serious about achieving, then you will definitely write it down. Studies have shown that when you commit your goal to writing, then you have a higher chance at achieving it. This is because of the brain-to-hand connection that comes with writing than just thinking about it in your head.

If you’ve been following, then you are probably convinced on the need to write down your goals, particularly in a book. The next question would be, how do you do it?

Ways To Get Intentional with a Book

1. Just Write it out

The first mistake we tend to make with writing anything in general, is that we try to edit as we write to make it perfect and the same applies to writing down our goals. Do not try to make it look perfect. It is your goal and nobody else’s so you should own it. Write it as it comes to your mind. Just write it out and let it flow.

2. Review what you’ve written

At this point, you can go over what you’ve written to ensure it follows the SMART criteria for goals.

Are the goals specific? Are they clearly defined, having a purpose? If you think the goals are not specific enough, you can always edit them to make them specific. For example, instead of writing, I want to pass my exams, you can write, I want to have an A in all my courses. Now that’s a more specific goal right there.

Are they measurable? Can you track or measure the progress of the goals you’ve set? Using the same example, you can track the process of having an A from the tests or assignments you are given.

Are they attainable? It is important your goals are attainable and not just outrageous. Having an A is an attainable goal if you are willing to put in the work required.

Are the goals you’ve written realistic and achievable or are they just mere wishes? This is because if your goal is to have an A, it only becomes realistic for you if you are willing to change your current habits to align with that goal so you can achieve it, otherwise, it becomes unrealisitc for you. You can employ these 5 habits to help you achieve your goals.

You also have to ensure the goals are time-bound. Can you achieve the goals within a certain time-frame? This further proves if the goals follow the criteria already listed above.

Generally, this is where you would have to save yourself time and effort by criticising and reviewing your goals thoroughly. You can check the 7 tips for goal setting to help you do that.

3. Write down daily tasks

If you are going to achieve the goals you’ve set, then your current habits must change to align with those goals. To achieve these, take it step by step. One day at a time. Assign daily tasks for yourself with deadlines and stick to them. Write them down as a to-do list and ensure to mark it off before the end of the day. You could use a sticky note to do this and paste it where you can visibly see it. When you do this, you will be amazed at how joyful you will be when you achieve those tasks each day.

Have you always employed the habit of writing your goals down? If you have, how has it worked for you? Are there other ways to employ this habit? Let me know in the comment section. I’d love to read them.