5 Effective Study Tips To Pass Your Exams

Have you ever wished that there were no such thing as exams? I know that feeling. You have probably felt that way because of the constant hassle and stress that comes along with preparing for exams. It does not have to be that way if you follow these effective study tips that have proven to help students pass their exams.

Below are the 5 proven tips that will help you study effectively to pass your exams.

1. Start Reading Early and Regularly

You will be doing yourself a huge favour if you start reading early. This beats every other tip hands down if done diligently. Students seem to thrive on last-minute studying, which is not the best approach for exams. Picking up your book for the very first time to study a week before exams is a sign of indiscipline. I understand that you do not like the subject or the idea of studying in general, but remember your why (which is to pass your exams) and start studying early. There are 2 easy ways to adopt the habit of reading early and regularly.

Attempt your assignment yourself

Students have a habit of copying assignments without first attempting them. Your preparation for exams will become easier if you simply attempted to do that assignment yourself.

Assignments are given as tasks by teachers to prompt you into further research. It is not just about getting it right and scoring a nine/ten out of ten but about understanding it and being able to tackle other related questions in that subject. You would have failed this test by your teacher by simply copying the answers from your friends without understanding it.

Read your book for 30 minutes every day

If you devote 30 minutes out of 24 hours to read your book every day, you will ace that examination. It is your duty as a student to read your books; whether it is convenient for you or not. Become disciplined.

2. Organize study times

Now that you are ready to start reading regularly, you are going to have to be intentional about it. As Jim Kwik commonly says; If you don’t schedule it, you’re not going to do it.

Study yourself to find out what time works best for you. Make a schedule out of that time and get to work with keeping to it. You could decide to read two out of every subject you are taught every day for 30min to 1 hour. The goal here is to make it work for you.

3. Take advantage of your break times

I’m certain we all have that free period in school when the teacher is not around or could not make it to class for one reason or the other. As a student, this is not the time to gist or make noise. Rather, it could be used to effectively study and review what you’ve learned with your friends. It is known as group discussion.

Group studying is proven to be an effective strategy for enhancing learning. This is because groups share unique insights and learn from each other. It is also an overall exciting experience. Try it with a group of like-minded individuals and see if it works out for you.

4. Study past questions

This is a tip that has proven to be effective over the years. If you have access to past questions, you should study them. It always works!

5. Ask questions in class

Students are often afraid to ask questions in class because of what their friends might think or other reasons pertaining to them. It doesn’t change the fact, however, that the brain learns by being active and one of the ways to be active is to ask questions in class.

If you do not understand something, do not be afraid to ask. By simply doing that, you are setting yourself up for success in your examinations.

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