Change your Beliefs And Start Thinking Positively

Beliefs are incredibly subtle, yet very powerful tools. I am sure everyone is familiar with the popular kiddies cartoon, Barbie and the Diamond Castle. If you are not, here is the story.

Liana and Alexa were two friends who lived in a cottage, where they grew and sold flowers for a living. They also both shared the same love for music. One day, they found two heart-shaped stones and made them into necklaces to symbolize their friendship. That night, a storm rolled in and destroyed their garden – their source of income – but that didn’t stop Liana from offering food to a poor, old woman the next day out of kindness. The old woman in appreciation gave them a mirror in exchange.

Later, Liana and Alexa heard a voice coming from the mirror and find a girl inside it named Melody. The trio bond over music and Melody teaches them a song of her own. She also tells them her life story: Melody explains that she was once the apprentice of the three Muses who lived in a Diamond Castle. One of the Muses, Lydia, turned evil and planned to take the Diamond Castle for herself. On seeing this, the remaining two muses entrusted Melody with the key to the Diamond Castle. This was just before Lydia turned the muses into stone. With only Melody left, she decided to seal herself in the mirror to hide.

In a bid to help Melody, the girls set out on a journey to find the Diamond Castle. They faced a lot of obstacles, villains and challenges along the way. One of the challenges made them turn against each other but they never gave up hope – at least Liana and Melody didn’t. In the end, Alexa joined them and they all made it to the Diamond Castle’s location.

Here’s the plot twist guys and my favourite part of the movie – on reaching the supposed location of the Diamond Castle – which was a great feat by the way – they somehow ended up losing the mirror that their friend, Melody was trapped in. It looked like all was lost and that was the end of the road for them. However, they didn’t give up hope; they believed they could bring Melody back. When their hope came alive, a lightbulb came on, the song Melody had taught them was the key.

That was the movie’s highlight for me, and I’m going to drop the lyrics to the song’s chorus below.

Believe in all that can be, a miracle starts whenever you dream. Believe and sing from your heart, you’ll see your song will hold the key.

They sing together, and the Diamond Castle reappears literally out of nowhere. Stepping inside, Liana and Alexa are magically given new dresses and Melody is freed from the mirror. As a result, Liana and Alexa are crowned princesses of music, and Melody, the apprentice, finally becomes a Muse. Because they believed in each other and never lost hope, they were able to save and free her from the mirror, stopped the supervillain, Lydia, and freed the other muses from her spell. Their belief was the game-changer.

What is the moral lesson of this story?

Change your Beliefs

Many times, more often than not, we stop ourselves from believing in all that can be. We only believe in a few things—what we have been conditioned to believe is possible.

If we believe that it is not possible to improve then in reality it won’t be possible to improve. It’s extremely difficult to accomplish something when you don’t believe it can be done in the first place.

Beliefs do not necessarily represent what is true or factual. Our present beliefs are based on perceptions of reality, which are shaped by our experiences and culture. Therefore, it becomes possible to change your beliefs.

The power of each belief or thought comes from the individual believer. In this sense, whatever you believe from your heart to become true could be a reality in your life. As a result, you then attract events, experiences and people in your life to match your ‘loves’ or “beliefs.”

Until hope came alive in the two friends that it was possible to bring Melody back, they didn’t come up with a solution. It all starts with your mindset.

What do you believe is possible?

What do you believe is not possible? Yeah, a question we do not usually ask ourselves. Now, why do you believe it is not possible?

David Shenk furthers an idea in his book, The Genius in All of Us that everyone has the potential for genius, or at the very least, greatness. But the reason we prefer to believe that we’re either a genius or we’re not, or that we’re either talented or not, is because it relieves us from the responsibility of taking control of our own life. “A belief in inborn gifts and limits is much gentler on the psyche: The reason you aren’t a great opera singer is because you can’t be one. That’s simply the way you were wired. Thinking of talent as innate makes our world more manageable, and more comfortable. It relieves a person of the burden of expectation.”

This is why you probably believe some things are not possible. It is easier to believe that it is not possible just because it isn’t than to believe that it is not possible because you are not ready to put in the work to make it possible. It is time to change your beliefs. Believe in all that can be. Allow yourself to dream and be ready to put in the work to see your dreams become a reality.

Benefits Of Thinking Positively

Positive thinking, transformed into positive beliefs, can be influential in shaping one’s life, mind, heart, and character. Cultivating the habit of thinking positively is a skill that must be learned today. Here is why.

Scientists have listed the benefits of thinking positively, and they include:

  • Increased life span
  • Lower depression rates
  • Lower levels of distress
  • Greater resistance to the common cold
  • Better psychological and physical well-being
  • Better cardiovascular health and reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease
  • Better coping skills during times of stress.

Another reason you must change your beliefs and start thinking positively is that, if you do not do it intentionally for yourself, it will be done for you. You see, the sad story is that if you do not take charge of your mindset to watch your beliefs and the way you think, you will believe other things suggested to you by your environment, culture, or upbringing and begin to think negatively. This is how we grew up believing what Jim Kwik calls Limited Ideas Entertained (LIEs) that are simply not true.

Learn how to Unlimit your Mindset and discover the truth to these LIEs.

What are your thoughts on beliefs and thinking positively?

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