Do you also want to kill your addiction?

Imagine you could finally overcome all your addiction problems, would you be happy living free from all the guilt and shame?

We all know that one thing that one secret sin that gives us pleasure but after we are done, the guilt wants to kill us. You want to stop it with all your heart but after a while you find yourself right back into it and at the end of everything you just feel like dying because you couldn’t even resist


 I have been there as well and my addiction was MASTURBATION shortly I will share my story of victory with you.

As a child of God, addiction is what the devil uses to keep you in bondage and make sure you keep offending our heavenly Father. But glory be to God that bondage is about to be BROKEN.

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I got ADDICTED TO MASTURBATION before I got a chance to know exactly what I had gotten into

When I was younger, I loved being alone. My happiest moment would be a time when the house was quiet and no one was at home. That was always when I would lock the door and engage in the act.

Another happy moment was at night. I loved the dark. I would wake up every morning wishing for the sun to set so that I could put off the light and engage in the act

As a result, I had started masturbating before I knew what it was. By the time I got to know, it became worse. I would intentionally watch pornographic scenes in movies that would trigger me and put me in a state to masturbate. By the time I became more determined to overcome, these scenes were already in my head and I did not need to watch them again for me to masturbate

I struggled

Every time (such as now) that I have to think back to those times, all the emotions rush in; the guilt, shame, times I wished I could take my own life, depressing moments, times I wish I had disappointed God too much for Him to give me the millionth chance and times I thought I would never overcome.

But glory to God, I HAVE OVERCOME and you can too. You can overcome. Do not give up hope!

I have shared my complete story in my book: DIARY OF A CHRISTIAN LADY: HOW I OVERCAME MASTURBATION, detailing my thought process and struggles throughout the period I was addicted and how I finally overcame.


  • The book is written in a diary format, so each page is short and straight to the point. This makes it easy to read and you can see the conversations that were going on in my mind and how I dealt with all the negative emotions caused by my addiction
  • A commitment page to remind you that you must keep fighting to OVERCOME
  • My deep dark SECRETS that have held me down for years were exposed so that the devil can be shamed and glory can be to GOD
  • My journey to victory was outlined in a step by step process and made simple so that you can follow it and become victorious over your addiction too
  • You also get Bible passages that can uplift your soul and help you resist the urge to go back to your addiction. Once you are FREE you are FREE INDEED.

And what’s more? You get the book for FREE as well! Get your copy now