Hi guys! I’m excited for two reasons. It’s a wrap up for the year and also a wrap up for the habit challenge that started in the first week of August. I want to appreciate you for staying through till now. I’m grateful.

The habit of like you to form as we enter into a new year is simple.

Learn the habit of putting God first!

This is something we always plan to do or think we do but in reality, we do not. If you do not get intentional about putting God first in all your endeavours, you’re never going to do it. This is something I struggle with as well but there are things I do that helps and I will share them.

1. I make the decision to put God first: Many of us only wish to put God first. The idea and the benefits of putting God first sounds appealing to you but you are yet to make an intentional decision to put Him first.

2. I write during my devotion sessions: I was taught to use a book and pen to document things I learn during my devotion time. I date these times in the book which gives me the privilege to look back and know the times I missed and try to make up for them.

3. I keep going even when I miss my devotion for days or weeks: It’s normal to get depressed and discontinue when you miss your devotion times. It happens to the best of us, but no matter the times you have missed, it is never too late to pick up from where you left off. Just do it! Do not think too much about it.

Start with God this new year and make it a habit to put Him first. See you next week!

ou next week! Enjoy the holidays.