Limitless Wishes: A Magical Wand for A Smarter, Faster and Better Way of Learning

Limitless Wishes: A Magical Wand for a Smarter, Faster and Better Way of Learning

If you were offered a magical wand and asked to make just one wish, what would it be? Like me, you would probably wish that you can make limitless wishes. Pretty smart right?

Applying this to learning, if you were asked to pick one subject or skill to learn, it would be even smarter to pick the subject, how to learn.

You haven’t heard of it? I will tell you all about it.

Many times in school, we are taught what to learn ranging from mathematics, chemistry, accounting, health education, etc, and oops, the list won’t be complete without mentioning biology, but yeah, you get the point. We get exposed to great works of literature and to figures who changed the course of civilization. We get tested—sometimes endlessly—to determine whether we can repeat back what we have been taught. However, the school does not get underneath all of this to teach us how to teach ourselves, enrich our minds, discover new
concepts, and truly absorb what we learn fundamental to our everyday lives. We are not taught how to learn. We are bombarded with these subjects and left to figure it out all on our own. Do you now see why picking the subject, how to learn will be synonymous with picking limitless wishes?

A quote by Jim Kwik goes, “Give a person an idea, and you enrich their day. Teach a person how to learn, and they can enrich their entire life”. If you really knew how to learn smarter, faster, and better, then you could apply that to everything. You could learn to master your mindset, or your motivation or use the methods to pick up Karate, marketing, music, martial arts, programming, mathematics; there would be no limit! You’d be a mental superhero! Anything would be possible because you would be limitless!

Just imagine with me for a second. Wouldn’t it have been nice if we had a class on Learning in school, where we could pour out our minds for hours on the difficulties we are facing while learning and suggest to ourselves new and improved ways to learn? I know right. It would even make school less burdensome and tiring and we’d know that we have some sort of class where we could actually be ourselves. I know what you are thinking now, “Well, it’s good but wishes don’t come true.” I love to break it to you that it does. Wishes do come true and that is why you are reading this post. The school system is not going to change anytime soon which is why we must take charge of our own learning. If schools tell us what to learn, but not how to learn, then we need to do the rest of the work ourselves.

Jim Kwik in his book, Limitless, Upgrade your Brain, Learn Anything Faster and Unlock your Exceptional life, aims to grant this wish of learning how to learn. He has revealed the limitless model which covers your mindset, motivation and methods. He explains that if your mindset does not align with your goals and visions, there’s no achieving it. Also, if you have the right mindset but lack motivation, there is no going far either, because you will only begin only to stop and begin again repeatedly. Lastly, if you have the right mindset and motivation but lack the right methods, you will only be left frustrated.

Have you ever seen a carpenter working so hard to cut a solid material but with a dull blade? Yeah, he’s going to cut the material, fine but it is going to take extra effort to do what could have been done easily if the blade was sharp. This is the same scenario that happens when we keep studying without mastering the strategies behind learning.


Truly, human potential is an infinite resource and is also the least tapped. There is no limit to your imagination, creativity, determination, or ability to learn, reason, or think. If you think about it, you are truly limitless. You just have to unlimit the confines that have been put on you up until now.

You are not dull!

You are not incapable!

As a matter of fact, only 1/3rd of the brain potential is predetermined by genetics, which leaves 2/3rd depending on how you harness the potential of your brain.

As you go through the pages of this book, you will discover the lies and myths that we have learnt that suggest that we are limited, and you will also discover the strategies required to unlimit them.

What do you think about the limitless wish of how to learn?

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