Finding Renewed Motivation: Drawing Inspiration from Hilda Bacci’s Triumph

Finding Renewed Motivation: Drawing Inspiration from Hilda Bacci's Triumph

Do you lack motivation to continue working toward your goals because you feel stuck? I occasionally do. And I believe it is typical. However, what we do counts. It matters a lot how we respond to this difficulty and get new inspiration to press on. Take an example from Hilda Bacci, who has recently become a celebrity and attracted attention for her accomplishment.

The Nigerian chef, Hilda Bacci recently made an attempt to beat the record for the “longest cooking time” set by the Guinness Book of World Records. Her path shows us that even though we may feel worn out and uninspired, it is how we react to these feelings that counts. Six hours into the competition, she was on the verge of quitting, but she persisted and went on to break the record she had trained for five years, going four hours beyond her original target. Let’s examine her tale more closely and take inspiration from it.

Resilience: Rising Above the Urge to Quit

As a result of Hilda’s obsession with the Guinness Book of Records, she made the decision to set the record for the “longest cooking marathon by an individual” when she subsequently learned there was such a record. In 2018, she applied to break the record. But what happened? Her request was turned down. She was advised to wait a few years before applying again because the record had just been broken. Despite the good reason, Hilda probably wouldn’t have been pleased.

This was a time her passion was burning but it had just been quenched. Have you ever experienced that? I have, for sure, but now is not the time to give up. Instead, it is the time to learn, prepare and nurture that passion.

Cultivating your passion

Hilda didn’t give up on her goal instead she nurtured that passion for 5 years. With her eyes fixed on the vision, she focused on other things in preparation for it.

During that period, Hilda was employed in a regular 9-to-5 job at a fashion retail company, lacking the necessary resources to undertake the challenge. However, she began exploring other avenues, such as acting, hosting cooking TV shows, and participating in a talent show called MTN Yellow Star 2020. Her passion for cooking grew stronger, leading her to establish her own restaurant, named My Food by Hilda, in 2021. Coinciding with this milestone, she was chosen to represent Nigeria in the Jollof Face-Off competition, which she triumphantly won, earning a prize of $5000. She openly shared her aspirations with numerous individuals, including the proprietor of the television station that aired her cooking show on DSTV.

After receiving the necessary support, Hilda reached the point where she could aim to break the record. She went through the process of reapplying for the contest, making multiple attempts until finally obtaining approval. The contest guidelines encompassed the following set of requirements:

  • She would cook for four days non-stop.
  • She had to stand to cook; she was not permitted to sit.
  • She could not take coffee, stimulants, or any energy drink to boost her energy and bodily strength while cooking artificially.
  • She was allowed to eat food, drink water or fruit juice, and take glucose.
  • She cooked round the clock, with no sleep.
  • She had just five minutes of rest per hour.
  • Whatever she cooked was shared with the people at the venue for free.
  • She cooked different meals simultaneously.
  • Every meal cooked and every plate served was recorded.
  • After the Cook-a-thon, she would need to provide video evidence to GWR for evaluation. Their team would then assess the footage and update her dashboard to indicate whether she had successfully broken the record or not.

And so, the pivotal moment arrived. At precisely 4 pm on May 11th, she commenced the cook-a-thon.

What are you doing with that passion of yours? Now is not the time to give up on it. Instead, it is the time to cherish and nurture it. Take gradual steps in preparation for it.

Acknowledging Fatigue and Embracing It as a Normal Part of the Journey

As I read Hilda’s admission that she nearly gave up just six hours into the 96-hour contest, I was surprised. She had meticulously prepared for this competition, having previously endured 24-hour cooking sessions without issue. However, within the first six hours of the actual contest, fatigue engulfed her, leaving her body numb.

This serves as a reminder that there will be moments when weariness and lack of motivation strike. Such feelings are normal. What truly matters is how we respond in such situations. In the face of adversity, Hilda exemplified the importance of finding the inner strength to persevere and pursue our goals. How did she manage to achieve this? To discover the answer, let us delve further into her story.

Seeking Support and Encouragement

Hilda received unwavering encouragement to persist. Her brother stood by her side throughout the entire endeavour, constantly motivating her to keep moving forward. Additionally, she had a friend who empathetically understood her fatigue (he stood just the way she was standing) and would promptly offer support by hyping and encouraging her.

This illustrates the paramount importance of surrounding ourselves with a network of individuals who have faith in our capabilities and can offer the necessary support during difficult moments, and you have to be intentional about doing this. Whether it involves friends, family members, mentors, or teachers, reaching out to them and sharing our challenges can provide the motivation and encouragement needed to overcome fatigue and persevere.

You have our support as well. The reason you are reading this is that we genuinely desire to ignite a renewed sense of motivation within you, empowering you to forge ahead and achieve your goals with unwavering determination.

Reflect and celebrate your wins

At times, we become so consumed by our grand aspirations that we inadvertently overlook the smaller accomplishments we have achieved and succeeded in. Trust me, it’s easy to forget those things. Why don’t you pause and reflect, granting yourself the credit you rightfully deserve? Take a moment to acknowledge the amazing feats you have accomplished in the past.

This practice serves to reinforce your belief in your abilities and serves as a reminder that you possess the capacity to overcome challenges. By doing so, you will discover a newfound inner motivation that propels you forward. It is important to realize that what may seem insignificant to you is, in reality, far from small. Therefore, celebrate yourself and your achievements wholeheartedly.

Embracing the Journey

Hilda’s story also teaches us to embrace the journey rather than fixating solely on the destination. While the end goal is undoubtedly important, it is the journey itself that shapes us and brings meaning to our endeavours. Embracing the ups and downs, the challenges and triumphs, allows us to grow and develop resilience. Instead of solely focusing on reaching the end of the year, let us find joy in the process, relishing the opportunities for learning and personal growth that lie before us.

And there you have it, guys. If this post has helped you, please share your thoughts in the comment section below. I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

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