The Secret Source: 5 Habits by Successful People

the secret source

What distinguishes the rich from the poor? How do people become rich in this hard country? What are they doing? So there is money in this world? Lol, I’m sure we have all asked ourselves these questions. If we don’t regularly ask ourselves, we must have asked this question at some point in our lives.

To our questions, yes some things distinguish the rich from the poor, and of course, there is money in this world. This thing that distinguishes the rich from the poor is their habits. Before I explain the habits of successful people, let me first break them down.

We will be looking at the words habits and successful people. Habits as defined by the oxford dictionary is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.

The word tendency simply means something you are likely to do. Let’s pay close attention to the word practice and something you are likely to do. Practice means what you do, whether it be what you have made up your mind to do, or something you can’t help doing. The word practice is a verb which means it is an action.

My definition of a habit is something you are used to, to the extent that you must do it. Let me give an example: most drug addicts are addicted to drugs because it is a habit for them to regularly take drugs, it has become something they are used to. It is now like a norm for them.

This means that our habit makes up our routine, involves our everyday decisions, it makes up our daily lives. Now, who are successful people? The word success is relative.

You define success by what you think is successful. You can be successful if you are rich, smart, or independent. However, most people define success based on wealth and riches. I’m not here to determine what success is but rather to tell you how to get there. Below are five habits to become successful

Habit one(1)

Mindset. Be positive. The first step to being successful or achieving your dreams is your mindset. Mindset is a habitual or mental attitude that determines how you will interpret and respond to situations. There are two kinds of mindset. A positive mindset and a negative one. For you to achieve your dreams you must have a positive mindset.

This means you must not see your dreams as too big, unreachable, and unrealistic. You need to envision your dreams, think big, and think far. I’m sure you are wondering how you can power your mind to think positively. Your mind is a very powerful workforce, it determines your response to situations, problems, and every challenge. You need to read books about people’s success stories, how they started, how they persevered, and how they became successful. Books like Atomic habits By Author James Clear, Think Big and gifted hands by Ben Carson.

You Need to watch motivational movies. Movies like The Hustle, and Gifted Hands. You need to also believe in yourself that you can achieve everything you put your mind to.

Habit two(2)

Make an Investment: investment is the act of putting money or effort into something. What does this mean? It means to put your energy, effort, or time into something to achieve a greater result.

This is what distinguishes successful people from unsuccessful people. If you want to become successful you will have to learn to sacrifice time, dedicate yourself, your energy, and be willing to commit. All these things act as an investment. Time; investment of time means that you should dedicate a certain period of your day to that activity.

For example, if you want to become a successful neurosurgeon. You need to spend most of your time reading books about neurosurgery, and watching videos concerning neurosurgery. That is investing time.

Energy; investing energy means the human resources and effort you put into something. You also need to research. Spending time and energy to research more about what you want to achieve would make you very successful.

Habit three(3)

Study that field!!! Know everything about it. I’m not saying you should waste time to start your dreams. Keep on learning ‘We can all agree that the word study can not be overemphasized. You need to research more about that field or that thing that you want to do.

Learn how it works, learn from people that are experienced. Don’t just jump into it or don’t rush things. Greatness is never rushed!!! Timing is different. If you need more time to become an expert in something, take that time

Habit Four (4)

Discipline and commitment. Discipline is a watchword for anything successful. Discipline is the ability to control one’s behavior to achieve a goal or follow a set of rules. It involves self-control, focus, and determination.

Commitment on the other hand is the act of dedicating oneself to a particular task, goal, or relationship. It involves staying focused and determined, even when faced with challenges or obstacles. What does this mean, this means that to be successful we must be committed and determined. This means we should keep on trying over and over again until we succeed. As time goes by things will get tough but we should be willing to persevere to attain success.

Habit Five (5)

The last habit we need you to cultivate is to take action!!!. After finally learning and researching we need you to finally take action. Test your capacity. Stretch yourself.

If you want to be the next investment guru, start working in an investment company. Work toward being successful. If you want to be a successful writer, start writing, start publishing stories. Don’t just dream, do everything you can to get more experience and knowledge.

Only when you have done something (that is taken an action) is the only way you can truly learn. This is what distinguishes successful people from others. Because of the experience they have had, they become successful. They have failed and tried again and learned what to do better that will achieve success.

Dreams can be big, scary and exhausting to achieve. no matter how scary it is, they are never too big. I believe if you take all these steps into consideration and make these a habit for you, you will definitely succeed. we can’t wait to see you at the top.

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