The Secret To Live a Limitless Life: The Limitless Model

The Secret to Live a Limitless Life: The Limitless Model

Did you know that the organ between your ears is a precious gift? Yes, our brain is a precious gift but unfortunately, we have underutilized this powerful device we have been given. As Jim Kwik puts it, our brain is a supercomputer. It runs whatever program we tell it to run, and by programs here, we mean thoughts. It is the gateway to our emotions, our capacity for deeply experiencing life, and our ability to have lasting intimacy. It allows us to grow, innovate and accomplish.

But as I mentioned earlier, this powerful device has been underutilized. Jim Kwik in his book, Limitless: Upgrade your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock your exceptional Life, tells us some of the things that have led to this under-utilization. These villains, as Jim Kwik puts it, challenges our ability to think, focus, learn, grow and be fully human.

The first is digital deluge— the unending flood of information in a world of finite time and unfair expectations that leads to overwhelm, anxiety, stress and sleeplessness. Drowning in data and rapid change, we long for strategies and tools to regain some semblance of productivity, performance, and peace of mind. Other times we feel like everything is moving too fast and we just catch up.

The second is digital distraction—the fleeting ping of digital dopamine pleasure that replaces our ability to sustain the attention necessary for deep relationships, deep learning, or deep work. In other words, we are always distracted by our devices that we lack the ability to even hold meaningful conversations with people.

The third is digital dementia–the overuse of technology that has led to the breakdown of our cognitive abilities. It becomes harder by the day to memorize even one phone number or to perform simple calculations because we have become reliant on technology.

The fourth is digital deduction where we begin to allow technology to do our thinking for us. By this, I mean that we no longer think for ourselves. We easily accept the answers we see on Google forgetting that these are people’s opinions.

When you combine these four villains, you would realise that we are in a pitiful situation that is only going to get worse.

However, Jim Kwik does not leave us to wail in our pitiful situation without offering solutions to our problems. After thorough research and over 2 decades of experience, Jim Kwik has come up with a proven method that works. It is called the Limitless Model. The Limitless Model encapsulates the three basic areas that must be addressed to fully harness the potential of our brains. It involves your Mindset, Motivation and Methods.

In order to live a limitless life, your mindset must be aligned with your goals or desires, otherwise, you would fall short of achieving your goals.

The second secret to a limitless life is your motivation. In his book, he outlines three key elements of motivation. First, your purpose—your why matters. Second, your energy—if you are going to remain motivated, you must have positive energy and third, small simple steps —without breaking those activities into bite-sized simple steps, you’re likely going to get unmotivated and not perform those tasks.

The last on the model talks about methods. Jim Kwik emphasizes the right method that can be taken to focus, study and read.

Applying the Limitless Model will definitely help you upgrade your brain, learn anything faster and unlock your exceptional life as Jim Kwik promises in his book title.

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