If you’re reading this post, that means you’ve gotten a habit book, congratulations 😇, and if you haven’t gotten one, then I strongly suggest you do; all you have to do is get an exercise book and name it my habit book.

The essence of the habit book is to track your progress throughout these 21 weeks (now 20 weeks) and see that you follow through till the end. It will also give you the privilege of writing down other habits you’d love to inculcate so you start working on them; I might or might not mention some of these habits in the long run, but what’s important is that the habits you choose to develop is personal to you.

A glimpse into my habit book

I started by writing habit 1 and the dates, to track my progress with it, then I moved on to pledge my commitment to the habit challenge.

To cap it up, I wrote a very specific to-do list for myself which I’ve decided to follow every day.

It’s your habit book so be free with it. You can decide to write down your goals and vision as well. The aim is to make sure you are making progress. Be flexible. Be as specific as possible. Cut down your large dream into tiny habits you can start today that will help you achieve that dream in the long run.

Have you gotten your habit book? You can take a picture of it and send to me. I’d love to see them.

Have a lovely habit week guys😇.