3 Areas You Need To Unlimit To Live A Limitless Life

3 Areas You Need To Unlimit To Live A Limitless Life

Have you heard the word ‘unlimiting’?

I am sure you have not, but if you are good at guessing, you would guess it is the opposite of LIMITING. You are correct.

Unlimiting means living with the mindset that there are no limitations to what you can achieve. It is a stage where you get to, and realise that the only reason why you have not achieved your goals is not necessarily because of your surrounding but rather, a limit you have placed upon yourself from within. At this point, what you have to do is called unlimiting.

There is a limit that creates this gap between our current reality and the reality we desire to have. To live a limitless life, you need to release and replace those limits in three crucial areas.

3 Areas that Need Unlimiting

Jim Kiwk Limitless Model

Jim Kwik, in his book, Limitless, Upgrade your Brain, Learn Anything Faster and Unlock your Exceptional Life, introduces his Limitless Model which shows the three areas of your life that need unlimiting for you to live a limitless life.


It sounds cliche, but it all starts with your mindset.

What beliefs have you held that have limited you?

Many times, the beliefs we hold so dear are LIEs (Limited Ideas Entertained) that need unlimitng. We believed them not because they were true but because they were the confines put upon us from childhood. Without an unlimiting first in your mindset, you cannot achieve even the goals and visions that you set for yourself.

Later on in the book, we will see these LIEs and ways we can unlimit them.


What is your motivation? Or better put, what is your why?

If you don’t have a why you will lack the energy and drive required to take action. You will find yourself experiencing the common motivation myths I have explained, where you are motivated today and lack motivation tomorrow.

Jim Kwik believes that there is a way to remain motivated and these are the guidelines he has offered in his book.


Even with the right mindset and proper motivation, do you still end up getting frustrated?

Jim Kwik thinks there is a reason for that. You need an unlimiting in your methods when you are acting on a process that does not give you your desired result. Especially as a student, this can get very frustrating when it appears that all your efforts are being wasted. It is at this point that it becomes crucial to learn the strategies behind learning. It becomes necessary at this point to learn how to learn.

I have talked about 7 good reading habits you should cultivate as a student, but beyond this, Jim Kwik offers other proven methods and strategies that will double and even triple your reading comprehension and speed. I’m sure you can’t wait to see that.

How to Learn

The Intersections


Additionally, from the Limitless Model, where mindset intersects with motivation, we have inspiration. Here, you are inspired but lack the necessary methods that will take you to your goals or you have no idea where to channel your energy to.


Where mindset intersects with methods, we have ideation. Here, your ambition stays in your mind because you lack the motivation to do anything about them.


Where motivation and methods intersect, we have implementation. In this case, your results are going to be limited to what you feel you deserve, what you feel you are capable of, and what you believe is possible because you lack the proper mindset.


Where all three intersect, we have integration which shows that you are limitless. You have the right mindset, you possess the motivation and are equipped with the right methods to enable you to reach your goals.

Being limitless is not about being perfect, it is about exceeding what you believe is your limit. Most people limit their dreams to fit their current reality. However, you can learn to create a limitless life. To do that, you need to have a model of success.

Where do you think you have limited? I’ll love to read them in the comment section.


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